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Denele D. Biggs is the founder of DDB Consulting and a self-described "creative," but that is only the beginning. Denele is a technology guru and one of the few people who uses both sides of her brain. She has always had a fascination in technology, which she explored by furthering her education in the field. She has over two decades of financial services, technology, and management experience. Denele is an expert in web and print content development, project management, and social media marketing, thanks to her IT and creative backgrounds. She holds a Master's of Information Technology and a Master's of Art in Communication Technology, which has allowed her to combine her interests and strengths even further.

She co-founded ACT3 Consulting Partners, a consulting firm concentrating on the convergence of Arts & Culture, Community, and Technology, with two long-time friends. Denele's role as a founder member includes overseeing the technological parts of the organization, and ensuring that the website and social media presence of ACT3 are robust and effective.

Denele believes she was created to help and inspire people. Her volunteer work brings her much satisfaction. She is a lifelong student who has found ways to merge her love of creativity and passion for technology throughout her life. Denele's zeal for life leads you to look at things a little differently...in an open, optimistic way...from the moment you meet her.

She discovered the magic of singing many years ago and began to use her voice in church and as a backup singer. She began writing in college as a tool of self-reflection and healing. "The Unspoken: A Better Life from Lessons Learned," a collection of poems she published in 2015, shared some of her most profound and often difficult-learned life lessons. She not only gives herself an outlet through her poems, but she also gives the rest of the world a glimpse into her life. Check out her words here.

“I'm living. I'm dreaming. I'm moving. I am in love with me and all of my possibilities.”

                                                 ~Denele D. Biggs