Our words have power, and for Denele, words have always been captivating.  She has always fostered a love for words and how they can describe a multitude of emotions. Somewhere along the way, her passion for words collided with her life experiences, and the result was a beautifully heart-wrenching, soul-stirring homage to life and all of its triumphs and lessons.

Denele’s love for words was innate, but falling in love with writing wasn’t intentional.  She found herself entrenched in an abusive relationship and it was in the aftermath where she found clarity, freedom, release, and healing through writing. She found solace somewhere between the pen and the page as she poured out her pain and anger in her writing.  Though it wasn’t her intention, when she began writing, what flowed naturally from her pen was poetry; and to her delight, the more she wrote, the more she enjoyed expressing herself in the written word. 

When Denele began sharing her words with others they noticed a common thread in all her work: from pain come lessons and when applied, these lessons empower you to live a richer, more full life. This is the overarching theme for her first published collection of poetry, The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned (2015). Denele aims to live authentically through freedom, gratitude, and love; and through her writing, she encourages others to do the same. Her essence can be found in the lines of her own poetry.

Denele has been featured in digital publications and has been a featured poet and panelist for many events in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. She is also a partner with ACT3 Consulting Partners, LLC, a firm serving at the intersection between arts and culture, community, and technology. Denele is a Pittsburgh, native, and these days she can be found consulting, writing, and raising a fiercely creative daughter.

“I'm living, I'm dreaming, I'm moving. I am in love with me and all of my possibilities.”

                                                 ~Denele D. Biggs

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