Denele D. Biggs is what many would call a “creative,” but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Many years ago, she discovered the power of singing and found herself using her voice in both, church and as a backup singer. In college, she began to write as a form of reflection and as a means of healing and restoration. In 2015, she published her first book, “The Unspoken: A Better Life from Lessons Learned,” a collection of poetry, sharing some of her most profound and often hard-learned life lessons. Through her poetry, she not only provides herself with an outlet but also gifts the world with a view into their own lives through hers. Check her words out here.

A rare one who uses both sides of her brain, Denele is also quite the technological guru. She has always had an interest in computers and pursued that interest by earning a Master’s in Information Technology (IT). She has two decades of experience in financial services, technology, and management. Combining her strengths in IT and the creative space, Denele is highly adept at web and print content development, photography, and social media marketing. She has earned a Master's of Information Technology and a Master’s of Art in Communication Technology, further joining her interests and strengths.

Along with two long-time friends, Denele co-founded ACT3 Consulting Partners, which is a consulting group, focusing on the intersection between Arts & Culture, Community & Technology. As a founding member, one of Denele’s responsibilities is to manage all technical aspects, ensuring that ACT3’s website and social media presence are strong and effective.

Denele considers herself someone who was meant to be of service to others and provide them with assistance and inspiration. She thoroughly enjoys her volunteer work with the Girl Scouts of Western PA and with Macedonia Church of Pittsburgh.

Denele is an eternal student and through her life, she has discovered ways to combine her love of creativity and passion for the tech world. Within moments of meeting Denele, you notice her zest for life and it inspires you to view things just a bit differently…in an open, positive manner.

A proud mother, professional, and artist, Denele is a rare talent, with many gifts to continue her stellar career and craft her future.

“I'm living. I'm dreaming. I'm moving. I am in love with me and all of my possibilities.”

                                                 ~Denele D. Biggs